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5 Tips to Clean Your Wheelie Bin & Banish Smell

Cleaning your wheelie bin while bearing its bad smell is a problematic task among all household chores. It’s more difficult in the Irish environment, where the climate is ideal for insects and bacterial growth.

But wheelie bin cleaning task isn’t as nasty as you think — And if you do, maybe you’re doing it in the wrong way.

In this article, you’ll learn how to clean your wheelie bin without the hustle and make it smell sweet. Roll up your sleeves — Let’s get started.

8 Things You Need to Clean Your Wheelie BIn

  • Soapy Water (One or Two Buckets)
  • A Hose
  • A Mop or Brush
  • Disinfectants
  • Boiling Water
  • Scrubbing Brush
  • Fragrance Spray

Now you’re equipped with the proper arsenal to blow the dirt and bacteria off the wheelie bin, let’s follow the step-by-step guide of the cleaning process.

Be Cautious When Using Wheelie Bin

The first step of the cleaning process begins even before actually decide to pamper your bin. It’s when you’re throwing the garbage into the wheelie bin. Knowing what to throw and how to throw in the bin can make it clean in the long run.

For example, most households produce food waste, be it expired or leftover. If you quickly rinse the bottles and food containers before throwing them into the bin, it will keep the bin away from bad odor. In this way, you wouldn’t have to make extra efforts on the cleaning day.

Sometimes, liquid spills and food decomposition create a huge mess inside the bin. Avoiding such mess will attract pests and other microorganisms that cause diseases.

Chose a Suitable Time & Place to Wash the Bin

The best time to wash your bin is after your rubbish has been collected so your bin is completely empty. Ideally, you would want to wash your bin on a sunny day since it has to dry after cleaning. A touch prediction with Irish weather..

Before taking your hose out, make sure you’re appropriately dressed. A back-spray will simply spoil your clothes for the whole day — In other words, expect some splashing.

Rinse the Wheelie Bin

Now it’s time to rinse the bin thoroughly. Ideally, a high-pressure hose is recommended for proper cleaning, but a garden hose should be enough. 

Wash it until the dirty water has stopped coming out. 

Bin Cleaning Ireland

Scrub the Stubborn Debris

Not all of the gunk will be removed easily through rinsing. Therefore, you’ll need to scrub the surfaces until you get rid of the stubborn debris.

But before that, fill up the bin with soapy water to loosen the material. Hot water or boiling water will be more effective for hard to remove stains.

Once you’re done, close the lid of the bin and give yourself some time for a cup of tea. After 15 minutes you’ll see all the gunk and grime dissolved in the water. After that, use a brush or mop to remove the leftovers and clean the bin thoroughly.

Sanitize the Bin

Congratulations! Your bin is visibly clean, but there is still a smell. Use bleach or a disinfectant to get rid of the remaining bacteria. With the help of a mop and disinfectant, sanitise the inner and outer surfaces of the bin. 

If you don’t have any fragrance spray to use, you may use baking soda at the bottom of the bin to avoid a bad smell.

Job done!

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