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Looking for bike storage Solutions?

Bike storage is essential for keeping bikes safe and secure when not in use. In Ireland, bike storage solutions come in different styles and materials, and can accommodate one or more bikes. When selecting a bike storage solution, consider the number of bikes you need to store, the available space, and your budget. With proper storage, you can help protect your bikes from theft and damage, ensuring they remain in good condition.

Bike Shed

162cm (W) x 204cm (L) x 163cm (H)

Starting at €389

4 Star Security Rating

The ‘bike shed’ is our brand new metal bike storage unit. It comes in x1 size to fit up to x3 bicycles. It has an optimised design to bring you a high quality product on a budget.

Bike Storage Box

Available in x2 Sizes

Starting at €699

3 Star Security Rating

The bike storage box is a beautiful metal storage unit. It comes in 2 different sizes to suit your bike needs. We can ship to anywhere in Ireland with install options in some areas.

Wooden Bike Storage

Available in x3 Sizes

Starting at €679

3 Star Security Rating

Wooden bike storage is an excellent choice for your home. It is very versatile as it comes in 3 different sizes. Price includes professional installation anywhere in Ireland.


Available in x3 Sizes

Starting at €1259

5 Star Security Rating

The StoreMax unit is a highly adaptable bike storage box. It has very quick access with rolling shutters and can be used to store anything from wheelie bins to bicycles. Free shipping to anywhere in Ireland. 

Biohort Bike Storage

145cm (W) x 203cm (L) x 150cm (H)

Starting at €1609

5 Star Security Rating

The Biohort bike storage unit is the perfect outdoor storage unit. It is made of premium quality materials and is the perfect bike storage box for Irish weather. A very secure system.

Bike Rack

Stack multiple together


Can be bolted down

This is a simple bike rack that can be used in your shed. Need more than 1? Just stack them next to each other with interlocking system. A simple solution!

Bike Stand

37cm (W) x 45cm (L) x 76cm (H)


Free standing

The Bike Stand is a tall, sturdy, simple to use tool to store your bike. Perfect for use in homes, sheds or garages!

Why do I need outdoor bike storage?


I don’t think I need to to tell you this as you already know but bikes all over the garden look a mess.

A beautiful home can be ruined by the unsightly view of different colour bikes outside. A beautiful bike shelter can turn a liability into an asset.


Rusted chain, rusted frame, rusted bike! It does not take long to ruin a perfectly good bike being vulnerable to the weather.

Its a waste to let a bike get ruined by the elements. A simple shelter will add years of life to your bike. We have a great selection of bike storage sheds in Ireland.


During the pandemic, a lot of people purchased brand new bikes and did not have places to store them.

Unfortunately this led to a rise in theft of bikes that were not locked up. Our outdoor bike storage boxes will keep your bike protected. It keeps them out of sight and locked away.

Why trust us?

We are an Irish owned company based in Cork, Ireland. We offer a large variety of outdoor storage designs with a range of material options. We are the only company to offer metal, wood and composite outdoor storage for sale in Ireland.

We are an award winning company where we won runner up place in the regional finals in ‘Irelands Best Young Entrepreneurs’ (IBYE 2019).

We are a team made up of mechanical engineers, material experts and trades people. Your in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

The best bike rack depends on how much space you have. A ground mounted bike rack will make your bike much easier to get access to. A wall mounted bike rack is better for saving space in your shed or home but makes it more time consuming to take down and put back up.

Yes, your bike has sufficient strength to be held by the wheel. Just make sure the wheel hanger is off good quality and does not scratch your wheel.

Yes, a good shed is a perfect place to store your bike. It will keep rain off your bike which will keep it from rusting. It will also keep your bike locked and hidden out of site which will prevent your bike from theft. 

It depends how many bikes you need to store. Also do you plan on storing other parts such as tools for servicing your bike. You would also measure the width of your handlebars and length of your bike to make sure the shed will fit your bike.

No. The reason being your bike will rust if you leave it outside, especially moving parts like chain and sprockets. Covering your bike also acts as a deterrent to would be thieves. 

Yes. The reason being your bike will rust if you do not, especially moving parts like chain and sprockets. Covering your bike also acts as a deterrent to would be thieves. 

The best bike cover depends on your location you live. If security is of high importance, a metal bike storage unit is better as flame resistant and has a higher level of security. If aesthetics is more important then wood can be perfect as it can be painted any colour you like to suit your home. 

In Ireland you do not need planning permission for a bike shed. Well, that is with “Ideal Storage” bike sheds as none of them are too tall. We have made the storage units only tall enough to fit your bike in comfortably. 

Our Guarantee To You

Ideal Storage offer the best bicycle storage in Ireland. We provide fast, friendly, hassle free delivery to your home or business.

If you are not absolutely delighted with the service provided, We insist that you tell us and we will refund your money back immediately!

We keep our costs as low as possible while keeping our quality as high as possible to give you the best bike sheds in Ireland.

You've got bikes. We've got the bicycle storage.

You’ve got bikes. We’ve got the bicycle storage.
We understand everyone has their own styles and preferences. This is what makes us human. But we all agree that we must protect the bikes! Good bicycle covers protect your bicycle from rust and also prevents theft of your bike.

Ideal Storage is made up of skilled professionals who over time have brought you a variety of bicycle storage to suit your home. We have wood and metal bike storage materials to choose from.

We can tailor to the amount of bikes you have and the different sized bikes. We can ship to anywhere in Ireland and professionally install in Cork City.

Buy Now, Pay Later

We have partnered with Humm finance. So you can order your storage unit at the checkout and pay it off later on monthly plan that suits you. Simple!

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Konstantinos Bikos
Konstantinos Bikos
July 28, 2022.
I ordered the wooden bin storage from Ideal Storage and I had one of the best customer service experiences ever. Gary always responded exactly when he promised, and each time patiently and clearly answered all my questions. He went above and beyond to meet my short delivery timeline. He is a very knowledgeable and skilled professional, but also very polite and helpful. His product is of high quality and his video with assembly instructions is spot on, making it easy to assemble the product. Based on my own experience, I highly recommend Ideal Storage.
Susie O'Sullivan
Susie O'Sullivan
November 8, 2021.
Great communication around suitability of our site, and am really happy with the quality of the units and the installation of our quad bin unit. Gary and his team are really helpful, and would highly recommend them.
Conchubhar Ó Luasa
Conchubhar Ó Luasa
November 8, 2021.
Gary put in bin storage and bike storage for us and it looks great. Came along gave us a quote, figured out the best place for them and fitted them perfectly. Great service!
Jennifer Forde
Jennifer Forde
November 4, 2021.
Ideal storage were fantastic from the first consultation to the final installation. We live in a terraced house and always hated the sight of the bins outside the front of the driveway. They are now covered over and have become an added feature to our house. It’s made such a difference. They are not only practical , but are contemporary in their design. I can highly recommend Gary and the team for their advice and professionalism from start to finish. I couldn’t be more pleased , thank you.
Tom C
Tom C
October 28, 2021.
My elderly parents were having issues with their wheelie bins falling over in high winds and had to call me out to lift them back up. Now with the storage unit they no longer have this issue.
Mike McCann
Mike McCann
May 27, 2021.
Gary came to my home and checked out my bins at a time of mutual agreement and arrived on time. Some modifications to the quad bin storage were required so he went off to organize same. He gave me a date and time to fit the bin storage unit and arrived on the date and time agreed to fit same. We were very satisfied with his work, timing and quality of cabinets. I can recommend him and Ideal Storage Highly based on our very satisfactory dealings. Michael McCann.
Marie-Anne Birken
Marie-Anne Birken
May 18, 2021.
Very functional, good quality and very stable, and looks good too. Customer service was great and delivery and installation was done quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend.
Mark Finnegan
Mark Finnegan
May 7, 2021.
Highly recommend.....really happy with my new double storage unit....thanks Gary for the prompt delivery and no fuss with the installation 👍 Have wanted one of these for a while and it has really tidied up the side of my house. Compact, well made & really easy access from the front and top
Bryan T
Bryan T
May 6, 2021.
Lovely looking storage units. Perfect for the garden!

Want to know more about bike storage solutions in Ireland?

We’re more than happy to help you with any questions you might have on your bike box.

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Proudly introducing the “ModuBin“, a brand new and exclusive product to Ideal Storage, an exquisite wheelie bin storage solution meticulously crafted to complement modern Irish architecture and enhance your outdoor space. With its sleek design, dark colour, and wide horizontal panels, ModuBin embodies minimalism at its finest. The versatile two-sided doors offer flexible placement options, ensuring convenience in everyday use. Equipped with gas struts as standard, the top cover opens effortlessly, while the overrun strip on the base facilitates easy insertion and display of bins.

Proudly introducing the “ModuBin“, a brand new and exclusive product to Ideal Storage, an exquisite wheelie bin storage solution meticulously crafted to complement modern Irish architecture and enhance your outdoor space. With its sleek design, dark colour, and wide horizontal panels, ModuBin embodies minimalism at its finest.