Log Storage
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Log Storage

Log storage is essential for those who use firewood to heat their homes or enjoy a cozy fire during colder months in Ireland. Proper storage can help keep the firewood dry and ready for use, while also reducing the risk of pests and rot. In Ireland, there are many different types of log storage options available, from simple racks to covered sheds. When selecting a log storage solution, consider the amount of firewood you need to store, the location of your storage area, and the materials used to make the storage solution. With proper storage, you can ensure that your firewood is ready for use when you need it.

Firewood Storage

Available in x2 Sizes

Starting at €259

The firewood storage is an excellent choice for keeping your timber dry. It comes with a 10 year rust warranty.

Timber Storage Box

180cm (W) x 52cm (D) x 110cm (H)

Starting at €259

The timber storage box can be mounted vertically or horizontally. It has a 10 year rust warranty and is maintenance free.

Thick Timber Storage Box

180cm (W) x 50cm (D) x 110cm (H)

Starting at €419

It is the same dimensions as the timber storage box but much thicker metal with extra braces for a more robust design.

Wood Storage Box

119cm (W) x 80cm (D) x 80cm (H)

Starting at €379

Wood for storing wood! Beautiful and rustic looking. This unit comes with free installation anywhere in Ireland!

Biohort Woodstock

Available in x2 Sizes

Starting at €789

Premium quality materials from Biohort. Available in a range of colours with optional extras. Perfect combination of fashion & function.

Log Storage

Huge Range

Our log storage range is the largest in Ireland. We have x7 sizes in total with all different types of materials for you to choose from. 

You may be the type that loves wood only so we have that. Or you may be the type that likes maintenance free.. for this we have a selection of metal log storage that offer a minimum of 10 year warranty up to a maximum of 20 year warranty!


No matter your budget, we have the log storage for you. We build some ourself but also import only the best. 

Starting from €259 we can tailor to your budget. There are also different add ons to the products. So you can customise it to your liking!


We have a huge range of features that comes with our log storage units. We offer doors on some of our products so if you are in a very exposed area with a  lot of “horizontal” rain soaking your timber, we got you covered! (Literally)

We also offer a range of colours on some of our products so can get your log storage to match your garden!

Why trust us?

We are an Irish owned company based in Cork, Ireland. We offer a large variety of outdoor storage designs with a range of material options. We are the only company to offer metal, wood and composite outdoor storage for sale in Ireland.

We are an award winning company where we won runner up place in the regional finals in ‘Irelands Best Young Entrepreneurs’ (IBYE 2019).

We are a team made up of mechanical engineers, material experts and trades people. Your in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

Large logs should be stored outside in a shelter. The larger the log, the longer they need to dry out. SO it is super important that it has months to properly dry out whilst being covered and sheltered from the rain.

The best way to store wood outside is using a shelter. If the wood is not covered, it will get wet and this will result in very poor quality fires and a lot of kindling to get anything going. 

Yes! Logs can be stored in a shed and is a great solution. However, the problem is the logs take up a lot of space. The best solution is to get a log storage unit outside your shed that can dry out the timber and give the space back to your shed.

You can store logs for up to 3 to 4 years without the timber going bad. Make sure the logs are stored appropriately under a shelter and not exposed to the elements or the logs will not last very long.

Yes! You can dry logs in a garage. It is in fact one of the best place to store logs. However, the negative is the amount of space logs take up. An excellent alternative is getting specific log storage as they have super quick access and keep your garage space free!

It depends what you mean covered.. The best way to store timber is in a log storage unit. This keeps the timber dry but allows enough air to circulate. You should not cover the firewood with a tarp as it can be very damp and does not allow the firewood to dry out.

The best way to store firewood is in a firewood storage unit. The reason being is it shelters the firewood from the elements such as rain, wind & snow. This allows the firewood to be kept very dry which results in a roaring fire in your fireplace or stove!

Log Storage

We guarantee to deliver your log storage with the least amount of fuss. Our self build instructions are the best as they are visual. 

If you are not absolutely delighted with the service provided, We insist that you tell us and we will refund your money back immediately!


You've got logs. We've got the log storage.

Ok so you have your logs/ firewood/timber/wood, whatever you want to call it! However, it is either taking up too much space in your shed or garage OR the logs are just being left outside.

You are obviously on this page for a reason so I don’t think I need to explain to you why leaving logs exposed to the elements is a good idea… but just incase you didn’t.. the timber will get damp. This results in the wood not catching when you throw it in the fire. 

Log storage does a number of things. It keeps you wood dry so it can dry out fully which will result in roaring fires. Log storage gives you back space that was been taken up in your shed or garage.. or god forbid your home! And lastly, it makes your home & garden look super organised with the firewood neatly stacked away!

Buy Now, Pay Later

We have partnered with Humm finance. So you can order your storage unit at the checkout and pay it off later on monthly plan that suits you. Simple!

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Konstantinos Bikos
Konstantinos Bikos
July 28, 2022.
I ordered the wooden bin storage from Ideal Storage and I had one of the best customer service experiences ever. Gary always responded exactly when he promised, and each time patiently and clearly answered all my questions. He went above and beyond to meet my short delivery timeline. He is a very knowledgeable and skilled professional, but also very polite and helpful. His product is of high quality and his video with assembly instructions is spot on, making it easy to assemble the product. Based on my own experience, I highly recommend Ideal Storage.
Susie O'Sullivan
Susie O'Sullivan
November 8, 2021.
Great communication around suitability of our site, and am really happy with the quality of the units and the installation of our quad bin unit. Gary and his team are really helpful, and would highly recommend them.
Conchubhar Ó Luasa
Conchubhar Ó Luasa
November 8, 2021.
Gary put in bin storage and bike storage for us and it looks great. Came along gave us a quote, figured out the best place for them and fitted them perfectly. Great service!
Jennifer Forde
Jennifer Forde
November 4, 2021.
Ideal storage were fantastic from the first consultation to the final installation. We live in a terraced house and always hated the sight of the bins outside the front of the driveway. They are now covered over and have become an added feature to our house. It’s made such a difference. They are not only practical , but are contemporary in their design. I can highly recommend Gary and the team for their advice and professionalism from start to finish. I couldn’t be more pleased , thank you.
Tom C
Tom C
October 28, 2021.
My elderly parents were having issues with their wheelie bins falling over in high winds and had to call me out to lift them back up. Now with the storage unit they no longer have this issue.
Mike McCann
Mike McCann
May 27, 2021.
Gary came to my home and checked out my bins at a time of mutual agreement and arrived on time. Some modifications to the quad bin storage were required so he went off to organize same. He gave me a date and time to fit the bin storage unit and arrived on the date and time agreed to fit same. We were very satisfied with his work, timing and quality of cabinets. I can recommend him and Ideal Storage Highly based on our very satisfactory dealings. Michael McCann.
Marie-Anne Birken
Marie-Anne Birken
May 18, 2021.
Very functional, good quality and very stable, and looks good too. Customer service was great and delivery and installation was done quickly and efficiently. Highly recommend.
Mark Finnegan
Mark Finnegan
May 7, 2021.
Highly recommend.....really happy with my new double storage unit....thanks Gary for the prompt delivery and no fuss with the installation 👍 Have wanted one of these for a while and it has really tidied up the side of my house. Compact, well made & really easy access from the front and top
Bryan T
Bryan T
May 6, 2021.
Lovely looking storage units. Perfect for the garden!

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Proudly introducing the “ModuBin“, a brand new and exclusive product to Ideal Storage, an exquisite wheelie bin storage solution meticulously crafted to complement modern Irish architecture and enhance your outdoor space. With its sleek design, dark colour, and wide horizontal panels, ModuBin embodies minimalism at its finest. The versatile two-sided doors offer flexible placement options, ensuring convenience in everyday use. Equipped with gas struts as standard, the top cover opens effortlessly, while the overrun strip on the base facilitates easy insertion and display of bins.

Proudly introducing the “ModuBin“, a brand new and exclusive product to Ideal Storage, an exquisite wheelie bin storage solution meticulously crafted to complement modern Irish architecture and enhance your outdoor space. With its sleek design, dark colour, and wide horizontal panels, ModuBin embodies minimalism at its finest.