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Biohort Avantgarde

The Biohort AvantGarde lives up to its name. It is an extremely robust and sturdy metal garden shed which meets the requirements of modern architecture.

The shapely design combined with its many practical advantages ensures that daily use is free of problems and full of pleasure. The life long freedom from maintenance saves both money and valuable time. This is made for Irish weather also as the metal is superior quality with a x20 year rust warranty!

The Biohort AvantGarde can be expanded from a small shed to a large shed as there are x8 different sizes to choose from. The Biohort AvantGarde is available in 3 colours (metallic silver, metallic quartz grey and metallic dark grey) and 8 sizes (A1, A2, A3, A4, A5, A6, A7, A8, A9).

Once you get this shed, you will never need another one again!


  • Security: 3-way locking mechanism with stainless steel door handle, standard cylinder and spare key
  • Modern design for the garden shed. This will still look good in x10 years time!
  • Optimal practicality: installation of a second double door as an optional extra
  • Top quality materials: hot-dipped galvanized, polyamide coated steel plate, screws and hinges made of stainless steel
  • Extremely stable: withstands snow loads of up to 150 kg/m², storm proof (150 km/h, wind force 12)
  • Comfort: gas assisted spring damper opens and closes the door
  • Door can be (un)locked from inside
  • Acrylic glass fanlight with roof overhang
  • Easy to assemble with photo illustrated assembly manual
  • Maintenance free
  • 20-year guarantee for the Biohort AvantGarde
  • Extensive range of standard equipment included
  • Integrated organiser system (shelf-set, tool hangers etc.)
  • Free Delivery to anywhere in Ireland
  • Option for install in Cork.


  • There are x3 colour options available:
    • Metallic Silver
    • Metallic Dark Grey
    • Metallic Quartz Grey

Standard interior colour: Grey-white

Please note: the product colours shown on our website may differ from the real product colours!


(In cm. Exterior dimensions incl. roof overhang)

Standard door, door opening: 76 x 182 cm (W x H)

Double door, door opening: A1 – A4 139 x 182 cm (W x H), A5 – A8 155 x 182 cm (W x H)

x8 different size options. They can be seen in the attached pictures. Please note the side with (W) is the side with the doors. Sizes are as follows:

  • A1: 180cm (W) x 220cm (D)
  • A2: 180cm (W) x 260cm (D)
  • A3: 180cm (W) x 300cm (D)
  • A4: 180cm (W) x 380cm (D)
  • A5: 260cm (W) x 220cm (D)
  • A6: 260cm (W) x 260cm (D)
  • A7: 260cm (W) x 300cm (D)
  • A8: 260cm (W) x 380cm (D)

Full dimensions are in attached pictures

Included as standard

Shelves / support rails

Consists of 2 shelves (depth: 24.5 cm, width: 72 cm) and 2 support rails.

  • Made of hot-dipped galvanized steel plate
  • Load bearing capacity max. 15kg each shelf
  • Easy to install afterwards

Additional shelf-sets and support rails are available as accessories.

2 tool holders

  • 2 tool holders on the inside of the door to store away tools and small garden equipment
  • A maximum of 5 tool holders can be fitted to one door

Additional shelf-sets and support rails are available as accessories.

4 tool hangers

  • Made of hot-dipped galvanised steel plate
  • Load bearing capacity approx. 10 kg
  • To hang up spades, rakes, garden hoses and other garden tools
  • Easy installation, simply click into place

Additional shelf-sets and support rails are available as accessories.

Stainless steel door handle

  • With standard cylinder lock
  • 3-way locking mechanism prevents unwanted entry
  • With spare key included
  • Door construction is extremely robust.

Acrylic glass fanlight with roof overhang

  • Ensures, that enough light is available inside the garden shed
  • The roof overhang provides protection from rain.. lots of Irish rain..

Gas assisted spring damper

  • Provides assistance when opening and closing the door
  • Holds the door firmly in position

Preparation for roof insulation

  • The Biohort AvantGarde is already prepared for the effortless installation of polystyrene panels (2 cm) to insulate the roof
    (polystyrene panels are not included in the delivery)

Integrated gutter

  • Integrated gutter with connection for 5/4″ hose
  • For collecting and draining Irish rainwater

A rainwater downpipe-set is available as accessory.

Base Requirements

The Biohort AvantGarde requires a solid level base. Concrete, Paving slabs and Tarmac are all suitable.

Shipping & Delivery

We offer shipping to all of Ireland. We also offer professional installation by our tradesman to Cork as an optional extra. All of our tradesmen are fully licensed and insured. We guarantee to leave your garden in the same condition once installed.. but with the Biohort AvantGarde now installed! 🙂

Assembly Details

The Biohort AvantGarde is easy to assemble for those with experience in working with flat-pack items. Instructions, Screws, nuts and fittings are all included, however, you will need the tools to erect this yourself (drill, screwdriver). The instructions are image-based, i.e. there is very little text.

We would strongly advise that two people put this unit together as it may be awkward or unsafe to do it alone. The large sheet panels can be cumbersome and difficult to align alone. They can become very dangerous in high winds, so we also advise against assembly in windy, wet or otherwise unsafe conditions.

Assembly By Us

The team will assemble the unit for you provided that you have a suitable base. The assembly team do not apply the screw caps or remove the protective plastic film. These are optional and it is the customers’ choice to add/remove these if desired.

The assembly team do not assemble any other products other than the steel shed.
e.g. They do not assembly shelving units, canopies, carts or any other item purchased with the shed 

Why Ideal Storage?

We have a 5 star Google review rating and make sure we deliver top quality service to all of our customers.

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