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Biohort Raised Vegetable Bed

The Biohort Raised vegetable bed make it easier to plant vegetables and maximise the harvest – but only the Biohort raised vegetable bed combines the hobby of gardening with practical and intelligent design. Ingenious details add to the eye catching effect, which offers more than just elegant practicality!

This will look beautiful in any Irish garden


  • Delivered to anywhere in Ireland
  • Extremely durable
  • Quickly assembled – only 8 screws
  • Optimum working height
  • Integrated rodent protection made of fibreglass fabric
  • Snail protection, skirting, cold frame extension, trellis and intermediate floor are optionally available
  • Sliding side walls make it easy to empty
  • Opening for irrigation hose
  • Side walls manufactured from hot-dipped galvanised and polyamide coated steel
  • 20 year guarantee

Included as standard:

Basic configuration of the Raised Vegetable Garden

Sliding elements / preparation for watering

Easy emptying via sliding elements, opening for watering hose at the side elements (size: 17 x 17 mm, except size 2×2).

Accelerated growth-rate

The particular advantage of a biohort raised vegetable bed is the warmth created in the lower layers of the filling as a result of the rotting process. This increases the soil temperature in the root area of the plants by up to 5 degrees, accelerates growth and allows an earlier harvest.

4. Garden earth

High-quality flower, humus or compost soil offers the best conditions for good root development and guarantees an optimal environment for rapid plant growth.

3. Compost & leaf mould

In the generously proportioned central core of compost and foliage, important nutrients and heat are generated and released into the earth.

2. Finely chopped branches or grass

This layer prevents smaller elements in the upper layers from sifting down into the bottom of the bed.

1. Branches or twigs

The contents of the bottom layer offers sufficient ventilation from underneath which ensures an even and consistent rotting process in the layers above.

Shipping & Delivery

We offer shipping to all of Ireland.

Assembly Details

The Biohort Raised Vegetable Bed is easy to assemble for those with experience in working with flat-pack items. Instructions, Screws, nuts and fittings are all included, however, you will need the tools to erect this yourself (drill, screwdriver). The instructions are image-based, i.e. there is very little text.

We would strongly advise that two people put this unit together as it may be awkward or unsafe to do it alone. The large sheet panels can be cumbersome and difficult to align alone. They can become very dangerous in high winds, so we also advise against assembly in windy, wet or otherwise unsafe conditions.

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