Camping Stove Ireland


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Camping Stove Ireland

The Camping Stove Ireland is ideal for any camping trip, festival or back garden smoker. It’s lightweight, portable and it’s a heater that has a flat heated roof that acts as a stove. It’s got a handy fuel gauge, control knobs and mesh grate so that you don’t scald yourself!

Are you tired of eating cereal bars in your tent? doesn’t a fry up sound that bit nicer? This is the ultimate outdoor heating tool

Paraffin Fuelled

The Camping Stove Ireland is ideal for any family outing, back garden BBQ or just to make your own smoking area that bit more pleasant. We live in Ireland and we know that it can turn miserable at a minutes notice, so why not prepare for the inevitable and make everything more warm and pleasant? The Camping Stove Ireland Heater is an ideal emergency heater too and requires little in the way of maintenance.

It’s super-lightweight and very portable meaning that it’s no effort to move about as needed. It runs on C1 Grade Paraffin Fuel so it’s not toxic to inhale as it burns. It requires no batteries to operate either, therefore it’s super portable. Camping Heaters should not be used indoors, (they have no anti-topple features), but in a back garden or on a mountainside, they’re perfect.

Don’t forget to add Tozane fuel to your order!


  • Portable liquid fuel heater 2600W output
  • 4.6L Tank
  • Perfect for camping, back garden BBQs or family festivals
  • CE Approved so it meets safety standards
  • Easy carry handle
  • Easy to fill
  • Fuel gauge display, so you can keep it topped up
  • Conventional low maintenance wick flame design
  • Nationwide delivery available on this product

Note: The KSP229 is not recommended for use in the house or other living areas, for the reason that it does not have anti-topple protection.
Note: Most music festivals such as Electric Picnic do not permit the use of camping stoves/camping heaters on-site, so always check their policies first before bringing them along.

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