Composite Wheelie Bin Storage


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We made 1 production run of this product and are now sold out. We designed, manufactured and imported this run and as far as we know, the only supplier in the world that was making these.  There is a large demand for this product but we are unable to make a second production run as the cost of materials and shipping is too unpredictable. We heavily rely on overseas materials as the cost to produce locally is extremely expensive and it is a lot for such a small company to take on. When cost of shipping and materials have calmed down, we will revisit this. For now we have discontinued so please do not contact us requesting updates as we do not know.


Composite Wheelie Bin Storage

Decorate your home or business with our beautiful composite wheelie bin storage. We are the only manufacturer of the composite wheelie bin storage made locally in Cork and deliver them all over Ireland. We provide the option to have the units professionally installed by our tradesmen in Cork.


  • The panels are made from recycled WPC (Wood-Plastic-Composite). They look and feel like wood but with the lifetime of plastic. This makes them maintenance free and easy to power-hose.
  • The striking frame is made from high quality polished aluminium. This guarantees a super long rust-free lifetime.
  • Simple self build kit where all sides are delivered prefabricated.
  • Manufactured in Cork, Ireland.

Size Options:

  • We have x1 size that fits 140, 180 and 240 litre size wheelie bins.
  • We designed the composite wheelie bin storage units to be modular so you can mix and match with different sizes, arrange them in any order you like and stack as many as you want next to each other! This also means that after your purchase of a storage unit, if you change the size of your bin shed or you add an extra wheelie bin, then we can simply change or add an extra unit on to the existing design!
  • We make bin sheds for 3 of the 4 available bin sizes in Ireland. We make wheelie bin covers for the 140 litre, 180 litre and 240 litre wheelie bins. We do not manufacture for the rare and very large 360 litre size bin.
  • We are the only company in Ireland offering all of these options for:
    • Single Wheelie Bin Storage
    • Double Wheelie Bin Storage
    • Triple Wheelie Bin Storage
    • Quad Wheelie Bin Storage
    • Quint Wheelie Bin Storage


  • The composite material easy to wash down and repels smell from the bin due to the surface properties of WPC.

High Quality Materials:

  • All of our hinges are stainless steel.
  • All of our screws, nuts and bolts are high quality stainless steel.
  • All of our latches are high quality aluminium.

Galvanised Metal Base:

  • Metal brackets are attached to the base of the storage unit that keep your timber dry, provide structural rigidity and allow your storage unit to be anchored to the ground so your storage units lasts a long time in all weather conditions! No other manufacturer does this for bin sheds in Ireland.

Air Strut & Lid Lift:

  • The lid is operated by an automatic air strut thats lifts the lid of the bin for you. The lid of your wheelie bin storage unit attaches to the lid of your wheelie bin by a carabiner hook and chain which keeps the lid open while in use. The carabiner hook does no damage to your wheelie bin lid ensuring you will not be hit with property damage charges when replacing the bin!

Colour Options:

  • Ideal Storage offer the colours of grey or black.

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