Downlight Solar Light


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Downlight Solar Light

Our Downlight solar light is an attractive way to illuminate your garden. These lights are 100% solar powered, they’re unbelievably easy to install. If you want to beautify your garden and give it a gorgeous evening glow with little hassle.


Solar Panel: 2.1W
Battery: Li-ion 18650, 3.7v 2200mAh
Charge Time: 6-8 hours
Detection Range: ≈8m
Detection Angle: 100°
CE Approved / EMC / IP54


15cm (W) x 15cm (D) x50cm (H)




One of the great features about these garden lights is that they only operate when it’s dark. They use the daytime to absorb light and come the evening, they radiate light. They’re fantastic during the Summer months, radiating light throughout the entire evening, however in darkest Winter days where light is limited, they may dim a bit sooner. Remember though, LED lights use about 75% of electrical lights, so they don’t require much charge for the work that they do!

Lighting Modes

Mode A: Turns on at a mid-power level when it is dark. Motion sensor not operational in this mode.

Mode B: Turns on at a mid-power level when dark, when it detects movement via the sensor, it will go to high power for 25 seconds before returning to mid-power once the movement is out of the detection range.

Mode C: In this mode the light is off entirely until it detects movement at which point it will turn on at mid-power for 25 seconds after it last detects movement.

Solar Powered

Don’t go messing about wiring up the garden. These lights just need to have a view of the sun and the solar panel on top will charge up and power the unit. There are no trailing wires involved anywhere here. This means that they’re not only elegant looking, but they’re super cost effective too.


I know we say it a lot here, but honestly, these things are simple to install. You’ve got two options to get them up and working in the garden.

  1. Attach the included spike into the base of the Garden Light. This will allow you to simply drop the light into grass/soil etc to have it standing upright. We’d recommend that you only use soft soil for best results (trying to get it standing upright in hard, rocky ground can be a challenge).
  2. If you’re looking to attach this to concrete/slabs instead, you can bolt these units down through the loops at the base. Remember to take care when you’re doing this to protect yourself and the base that you’re putting it into


The beauty of solar, is there are no moving parts to power the unit. No moving parts means it can’t break down. Solar powered water features are super reliable and have a very long lifetime. The only thing you may have to do once in a while is clean the solar panel if it gets too dirty from bugs/bird droppings etc

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