Helix Water Feature


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Helix Water Feature

Modern and striking helix water feature


36.4cm (W) x 36cm (D) x 72cm (H)


The helix water feature is made of polyresin, they come with LED lights and some units have polycarbonate pieces.

Solar Powered

Don’t worry about pulling wiring up and around the garden. These Water Features are entirely Solar Powered. Solar power means free power and yes.. I know we live in Ireland. However, even on cloudy days there is enough solar power comes through to keep the water garden features with running water. This saves you so much hassle of having to set up power lines to the water feature or having to change any batteries!

No plumbing required

You don’t need to mess with any waterworks, simply fill the helix water feature with clean water, sit back and enjoy.

Please note: These Water Features are not ready to use out of the box. The solar panel requires 3-7 hours charging in direct sunlight initially. Do not connect the solar panel to the main body of the water feature before it has fully charged.

Water Features

Garden water features are great at bringing some life, serenity or character to your garden. The best thing about the garden water features is that you don’t even need a pond – or electricity! They can be placed almost anywhere (once the area receives daylight) and they’ll effortlessly add a splash of colour to your garden.

These small, self-sufficient water-features only need daylight to operate and once you fill them with water, they’re good to go. We’d advise changing out the water every month to two months to keep them clean and running without issue, but otherwise, they’re independently little go-getters. We have a range of beautiful models available – you can see them by checking out the gallery!


These Water Features are perfect for cleanly invigorating your garden at a fraction of the cost of larger features. These don’t require a pump, mains electricity or a hape of diggin’! Just put them in place, fill them with water and relax to the soothing sounds of your new helix water feature. They couldn’t be simpler to install and once they’re in a sufficiently bright part of your garden, they’ll run independently with enough sunlight.

They’re also CE approved too, so you don’t need to worry about their quality, their effect on the environment or how safe they are in your garden. These little beauties will liven up any garden without causing you – or the environment – any grief.


There is minimal assembly involved in the helix water feature. Simply connect together all the parts of the Solar Panel as per the instructions, place your display in a place that gets lots of light and fill it with water! There are no wires trailing to and from the house, it’s a simple, discreet setup.

It couldn’t be easier and each of these displays will look great in any garden.

The Solar Panel for the larger Water Feature
The Solar Panel for the larger Water Feature


The set up on these Water features is really minimal. Once you’ve unboxed it, place the solar panels in an area of direct sunlight and allow it to charge for at least three hours. If it’s an overcast day, it may take up to 5 hours to fully charge. Once the Solar Panel is fully charged, the light on the back will automatically turn on and will glow bright red. Once it’s charged, connect up the light wire and the pump wire to their corresponding ports. Don’t worry, you can’t mix them up.

Make sure to remove the LED wire and pump wire before you will the unit with water!

When they’re connected up, place your water feature where you want it to be in your garden and then fill the water feature with clean water. Some features will require upwards of 10 litres of water to fill. Make sure that the pump is fully submerged so that it is able to pump the water around. It may need to be adjusted slightly up or down.


The beauty of solar, is there are no moving parts to power the unit. No moving parts means it can’t break down. Solar powered water features are super reliable and have a very long lifetime. The only thing you may have to do once in a while is change the water if it gets too dirty from bugs/bird droppings etc

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