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Led Lights

These LED Lights are the bees-knees. They’re bright but not energy heavy. They’re light, rechargeable and magnetic.

LED Lights will save you money

This is fairly well known at this stage, but if you’ve not heard, LED light are not only brighter than standard incandescent lightbulbs, they use about 75% less power too! When you consider that these lights will only turn on when you need them to, it should be no surprise to learn that they’re as cheap as chips to run. These units are battery-powered too, so once they begin to run out, you can connect them to a charger and refill the battery inexpensively.

These LEDs will only turn on when it’s dark, during the day/when it’s bright the motion detector will not trigger, meaning that battery will last even longer. The sensor works at a cone angle of 120° and it will pick up human bodies at a distance of 1-3m. The light turns off automatically too.

Magnetic LED Lights & 3M Tape. Go anywhere

The magnetic strip on the back of these lights means that you can connect them to any part of our Steel and Metal sheds. Pop them on the inside of the roof to have your shed light up every time you walk in. But they’re not just for sheds! Sure they’re magnetic, so they’ll attach to any metal surface, but they also come with 3M Tape. You can put them anywhere!

Pop them in your wardrobe so you can get your favourite shirt without waking up the other half with the main room light. Stick them under the bed and when you’re feet hit the floor, you can have the floor illuminated on your way to the bathroom! Leave one on the extractor fan to give you a bit of light as you cook late-night snacks.


These lights are SUPER bright. These brilliant light have 54 LED beads built inside the unit, a Fluorescent reflector and a light guide panel which give a 300 Lumen output. In layman’s terms, that’s equivalent to a 90w bulb. Be amazed at the light quality and power of these lights. They’ll push out light in a uniform manner – you won’t have harsh bright spots beside glaring ones, just nice even light.

*Please note, while there is a USB charger cable connected, there is no plug head included in the box. You can use suitable mobile phone chargers for this, or purchase a separate USB plug from a local supplier*

The Casing

The body is constructed from Aluminium alloy which has been pre-treated with high-temperature oxidation. Why Aluminium? Well, it allows more heat dissipation than other similar metals. You can plug-in and use the light all day and be sure that the unit won’t overheat. The oxidation means that the unit has the best chance against rust too!

Other LED Light details

  • Colour: Silver
  • Length: 23cm
  • Width: 4cm
  • Rechargeable via USB lead
  • Motion sensor
  • Wireless

Shipping & Delivery

We offer shipping to all of Ireland. We offer professional installation by our tradesman to anywhere in Cork as an optional extra. All of our tradesmen are fully licensed and insured. We guarantee to leave your garden in the same condition once installed.. but with a garden storage box installed now! 🙂

Why Ideal Storage?

We have a 5 star Google review rating and make sur0e we deliver top quality service to all of our customers.

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