Paraffin Heater Inverter 5086


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Paraffin Heater Inverter 5086

With a max output of 3,200w, you don’t need to wait to heat up a room. But don’t worry, this heater’s eco mode will stop it burning unnecessary oil when the set temperature is reached.

Long Fuel Tank Life!

In ideal conditions, a full tank can last up to 59 hours! (See FAQ for more details). That’s from when you get home on a Friday and the full weekend up til Monday morning.

Super Safety Features!

In-built sensors monitor the machine performance & carbon monoxide levels. There’s a Child-Lock feature and when there’s any deviation and the machine shuts down fully automatically. It’s cool side walls mean no burn risk – and the Tip-Over Sensor automatically shuts the unit down when it takes a knock.

The Inverter Heater 5086 is an incredible piece of Japanese Engineering. Above all, it is safe to use, but it also has a fantastic heat output, while remaining economically sound to run.

It has an impressive heat output of up to 3200W, in other words, it’ll keep you nice and toasty. The Inverter 5086 also has all the assets of thermostatic power modulation (i.e. a fancy thermostat) so as not to overheat your room. It can maintain your desired temperature and save you fuel!

Similarly, it has some amazing safety features. For instance, the Anti-topple technology, low-fuel alarm and Carbon Monoxide Alarm help rank the Inverter among the safest heaters on the Irish Market! Therefore, it’s ideal for use as a home or conservatory heater.

At maximum output (3.2KW) this Paraffin Heater will typically run for 10-15 hrs on the 5 litre fuel tank. When the tank nears empty an alarm sounds to remind you to refill. A manual fuel pump is provided with the heater for ease of refilling. Simply insert one end into your Inverter Heater tank, insert the other end into your fuel supply and after that press the manual pump until your tank is full.


  • The Inverter 5086 Paraffin Heater will run on either C1 grade paraffin or on low odour Tozane
  • You cannot use Kerosene in this heater.
  • It’s virtually odourless when the correct fuel is used (check out our Tozane, linked above).
  • Wick-Free
  • Built-in whisper quiet fan provides hot convection airflow throughout the room
  • Virtually silent operation
  • Gasification heat shield burner
  • Electronic thermostat
  • 24-hour programming
  • Audible electronic gauge with alarm
  • Self-diagnosis system
  • Carbon monoxide sensor for added safety
  • Child safe
  • CE Approved
  • Digital temperature controls
  • Eco button
  • There is a 4-year warranty on the Inverter 5086 Heater when the Fuel instructions are correctly followed (see below)
  • Please note this heater requires a mains electricity connection for using the digital display only
  • Nationwide delivery available on this product

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