Raised Garden Bed & Cover


Raised Garden Bed & Cover

Raised garden bed with an arched cover in clear polycarbonate and a 300 micron PVC film. The raised garden bed is in a light, elegant, and timeless panel design. Fill the garden bed with good quality potting soil and fill seeds or plants into the raised bed. The transparent cover will create perfect growing conditions for all kinds of plants. Having a raised garden bed in galvanised steel, you do not have to worry about rot or maintenance as you often do with the traditional raised garden beds made of wood.
A raised garden bed & cover is an elegant and easy way to enjoy an abundance of plants throughout the garden season. The light and robust garden bed in galvanised metal profiles make it easy to organise your plants, as they will be confined to the metal structure. The transparent cover creates perfect growing conditions from the early spring and on. The arched cover has a steel frame, polycarbonate sides, and a 300 micron, UV-resistant PVC film.

A raised garden bed & cover makes it easy to remove weeds, nurse the plants, plant, and water. The raised garden bed & cover is easy to assemble in just 15-20 minutes, and then you place the bed where you want it and start to fill it with good quality potting soil. Now you can fill seeds or plants into the raised garden bed. The arched cover will protect the plants and create a warm environment. Be sure to open the cover from time to time when the sun starts to warm up the small greenhouse.

The elegant and robust raised steel garden bed is made of galvanised steel profiles, making it maintenance-free. Forget about rot or maintenance, which you have to deal with when you have traditional raised garden beds made of wood. If you want to rearrange your garden next year, it is relatively simple to move the garden bed. You can have most kinds of plants growing in your raised garden bed- depending on the soil you use and where the structure is placed in the garden.


  • Delivered to anywhere in Ireland
  • Simple, flexible, and practical
  • Galvanised steel profiles
  • Polycarbonate/PVC cover
  • UV-resistant cover
  • Easy to assemble
  • Elegant and durable panel design
  • Optimal growing conditions from early spring
  • It makes weeding easy and organises your plants
  • Weatherproof and maintenance-free
  • Lightweight and easy to move


  • 0.75 m.
  • 1.50 m.
  • 0.75 m.
  • Polycarbonate 4mm/PVC, 300 Micron
  • Galvanised steel tubes
  • 1mm
  • Silver
  • UV-resistant
  • 100% Waterproof
  • 23 kg.

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