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Tiny Shed

Tiny Shed is the newest shed in the range for 2022. It’s only a little dote of a shed and it’s the smallest shed in its range. It’s perfect for garden tools, turf or anything else that you want to get out of the house and keep outside. It’s available in Light-Grey or Olive Green and it can be delivered flat-packed anywhere in Ireland. To save space it has 1 sliding door that is offset to the right.

If you only need something small for your garden, the Tiny Shed will be tough to beat.


  • 0.6mm Galvanised Steel Frame
  • 0.3mm Zinc Coated Colour Panels


The Tiny Shed Dimensions


The Tiny Shed is CE approved. That means it conforms with all health, safety and environmental protection standards within the EEA. It’s priced like a budget shed, but it’s got the certification to prove that it’s the real deal.

It’s made with galvanised steel, which means that provided you don’t scratch it up, it’ll last for decades without rusting.

It has built-in vents to allow airflow throughout the shed, reducing condensation. It’s important that you keep these free from blockage.

The Tiny Shed also has one sliding door, which retreats into the front wall when opened. This door opens to 61cm. It also comes with an internal floor frame for extra stability and strength. This base can be bolted through to your solid, level base to give additional strength.


At Ideal Storage, we give you options. You can choose to build any of our Steel Sheds yourself, or if you’re within our Assembly Area (see map below) we can assemble the shed for you. Please see the details for our team assembling, under the next heading.

As you’d imagine, there is a charge for assembly,  so some customers choose to build the sheds themselves. This saves them money, but it does mean they have to get their hands dirty and spend time piecing it together. The good news is that the Tiny Shed probably requires a lot less work that our other sheds (It is tiny, after all).

Assembly by our team

The Ideal Storage team can assemble this shed in certain counties. Use the dropdown menus to see if we offer it in your county.
The team will assemble your shed for you provided that you have a suitable base (see below). The assembly team do not apply the screw caps or remove the protective plastic film. These are optional and it is the customers’ choice to add/remove these if desired.

The assembly team do not assemble any other products other than the steel shed.
e.g. They do not assembly shelving units, canopies, carts or any other item purchased with the shed 

Base Requirements

Like all of our Steel Sheds, the Tiny Shed will need a solid, level base that’s larger than the base of the shed. Concrete is the ideal solution, but if you’re not feeling pouring concrete, you can lay paving slabs too. You can lay this shed on tarmac or even decking; but please note that with decking, the shed may sink into it over time, if the area below it is left untreated.

Obviously, if you’re getting a fitting service, it’s very important that your base is sorted ahead of the arrival of our fitting team. So account for concrete setting times, delivery of paving slab times etc if you’re going down this route, as our fitting team do not offer any assistance with building bases.

We would advise that you get a damp-proof membrane in place also. This is usually laid before the concrete is poured/the paving slabs are laid. In scenarios where the base has done without a membrane being laid, the membrane can be placed under the frame of the shed itself. This will greatly reduce the chances of condensation forming in the shed during the Winter months.

Important note

  • The Tiny Shed does not lock. It slides closed

Why Ideal Storage?

We have a 5 star Google review rating and make sure we deliver top quality service to all of our customers.

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