Wick Heater RX2485


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Wick Heater RX2485

The Wick heater RX2485 Wick Heater is a fully mobile, high-performance conventional wick heater. It will run on either Paraffin or Tozane. Tozane is the near-odourless paraffin sold by Ideal Storage. One full tank (4L) on the RX2485 can give up to 17 hours of constant use. That means that one full bottle of Tozane is enough to run the Wick Heater RX2485 for 85 consecutive hours! 85 hours of heating for €36? Not bad at all!

Because this wick heater requires no external electricity, it can be used where there is no main, or during power cuts. All you need are two D Type Batteries (available here) – or if you’ve no batteries, you can simply light the wick with a match! Happy days! It’s ideal in conservatories, caravans, living rooms or anywhere that needs heating (but where you don’t want to put on the central heating)

Don’t forget to add Tozane fuel to your order!

Paraffin heaters are far more economical to run. They are more costly upfront, but over a year they cost considerably less than an electric fan heater or bar heater to operate.

This Wick Heater 2485 Heater is also super simple to use. If you use a light switch you can use the 2485.


  • Power max: 2.4KW
  • Suitable room size: 40-100 m³
  • Consumption : 0.25 litres/hr.
  • Fuel tank capacity: 4.0L
  • Totally portable – no wires, no pipes, no flue, no electricity required
  • Simple to use, refuel and turn off
  • Can be started by the igntion button (with batteries installed) or lit can be ignited directly (if you have no battery power)
  • Runs on Tozane ROLF or paraffin
  • Requires NO external electricity source – ideal for remote locations or in power cuts.
  • Anti-topple cut-off sensor
  • CE Approved
  • Nationwide delivery available on this product

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