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Wooden Bike Storage

Our wooden bike storage is the perfect solution to custom fit your home. It comes in x3 different sizes to fit 2, 3 or 4 adult sized bikes.  The bike shed is pressure treated to guarantee a long lifetime and prevent wood rot.

It is not just for bicycles. You can also use it is your bikes own personal garage for all your tools to service your bike. There is ample space leftover for helmets, bike tools and spare tyres. It is a perfect because you are much more likely to use your bike with this quick access. The unit is made from pressure treat sitka spruce timber to give you a super long hard wearing life!

Why use wood?

When we think of a bike shed, we always think of wood. The reason being, wood is so versatile to match your garden. It is easy to customise the wood by simply painting it. Fashion changes so quickly and the current hot thing is grey!

However, grey wont always be the hot colour. Soon there will be a new colour that takes off and when it does you can paint your bike storage to match. With the added bonus of giving the unit a much longer life after painting it.


This versatile unit is the best wooden bike storage in Ireland. It is cost effective and gets the job done. You can also use it for other garden equipment such as a lawnmower or garden tools.  This bike storage box is waterproof to make sure your bikes do not rust but is also breathable. You can lock the storage unit to keep your bikes safe from theft.

The bike storage shed has a wood floor, back, sides and front. However the roof is made form galvanised corrugated metal. This guarantees a long lifetime for the bike shed as the roof is normally the first thing to fail over the damp weather. Once the roof fails, the moisture gets inside the storage unit and it is not long before it has to be replace. This is no issue with this bike storage box!

The hinges are made of high quality galvanised steel. So rust will be no issue for you!


We have three modular designs to choose from. Below is a guideline list of wooden bike storage sizes for different quantities of bikes:
  • 2 bikes = 200cm x 80cm bike storage unit
  • 3 bikes = 200cm x 122cm bike storage unit
  • 4 bikes = 200cm x 152cm bike storage unit

Keep in mind; this is a guideline only as many bikes vary in shape and size.

Delivery & Assembly

The wooden bike storage can be shipped to anywhere in Ireland. It also comes fully assembled upon delivery. If you need your bike storage box outside the back, we can then alternatively build it at your home for no extra cost! Simply let us know in the order form below.

Whether it is going to Cork, Dublin or Galway, we can supply it to you!

Regarding the base of the unit, it is ideally situated on flat ground. The flatter the better but we can adapt to most conditions!

Colour options

The storage unit can be provided in a variety of colours. From wood finish, grey or black finish.

Why Ideal Storage?

We also have other bike storage solutions for Ireland. Please see the related products below for other versions or click here to see more. We provide first class customer service for whatever product you require. We are the only manufacturer in Ireland to supply wood, metal and composite outdoor storage units. We want to make you happy and will go the extra mile to do so!

Where are we?

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